BRAT - Bunch Rot Assessment Trainer

Subscription & Pricing

Initial Subscription

To access the Bunch Rot Assessment Trainer (BRAT) you need a subscription. It is free to register yourself for a subscription. As a new user you are credited with a 2 week trial of the website and 3 training sessions, once either are depleted you will need to upgrade your account to a full version. A full version upgrade includes an annual licence and 20 training sessions for an introductory price of NZ$95.00.

Subscription Expiry & Renewal

To continue accessing the website you will need to renew your annual licence for NZ$20.00. If you account expires, you have 30 days to resubscribe and keep any training session credits you still have, if not, any existing training session credits will also expire.

Training Sessions

Each time the BRAT tool is run a training session is consumed. You can purchase additional training sessions at any time (as long as you have a valid subscription) in blocks of 20 for NZ$90.00.

All Prices

  • NZ$95.00 Full version upgrade - 12 month subscription including 20 training sessions.
  • NZ$20.00 12 month subscription.
  • NZ$90.00 20 x training sessions.

* all pricing excludes GST.